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April 20, 2008



Nice jewels Mil. Those super old ear screws belonged to a sweet little old lady who wore her hair in a tight bun secured by white bobby pins (the black ones showed too much), wore Chanel 5 and Red Estee Lauder lip color. She drove an avocado green buick her husband bought for their 40th anniversary, the last big gift he ever bought her. She loved to wear those screws when she played bridge and "ran around." They were purchased by her husband for their 15th wedding annieversary. Maybe?

Thank you William.....but couldn't you have told me what year????


Can't wait to see the...YUMMY blog tomorrow. I'm salivating in antcipation.

Stop making fun of us artsy, craftsy bloggers. Stop it.


Oooh, talk about mouth-watering eye candy! These are gorgeous, thanks for sharing them. Well, not literally sharing them, of course, just the pictures! ;) LOL!

Alison Gibbs

Better late than never. You have some gorgeous pieces.My favourite would have to be the pale blue rhinestone necklace

Ele at A bit of Pink Heaven

Wow, you have some gorgeous pieces and love the color. What a great post!


Enjoyed peeking at all your vintage bling! You have some beautiful pieces.


You have some great pieces here Miss Donna!
Thanks for playing along even though you were super busy this week!
~Cerri xo


beautiful pieces!love the pinks and blues!


Gorgeous trinkets! I love the last pair, they fit right into my Addams glamour style.

I'd venture they're probably 30s/early 40s when there was a huge craze for ethnic things, but they could be older. They may be Edwardian era but not from a Western country- perhaps Mexico or Portugal.

Dunno- total wild guess!

Karen Young

You have a lovely collection. Thank you for sharing.



Serious drooling over here!!! You have an incredible collection...each and every piece is just stunning!!! I hear ya about the busy thing. This whole weekend I felt like I had to try and accomplish stuff in 2 hour intervals, because I kept having to drop everything in run a taxi service. It is amazing I got anything done at all (and believe me, it was not much). I did manage to do my jewelry post, but the project I started oh maybe 2 weeks ago only got a teeny bit more done on it.


Oh wow! I can't choose a favorite. I loved all your pictures on your flickr account, too. The pictures with lots of pieces just makes me drool. ha-ha


Jessi Nagy

donna, yummy!
i love all of it. but i really love hte enamel pins. so gorgeous!!!


I can't imagine owning that much "Bling" totally awesome. I love the flowers, and the rhinestones. The pictures are great!


OMG so many beautiful pieces!!! I love them all.


bling looking at all those lovely vintage jewelry Donna. Don't you just wonder who wore them and where back in those days :)


Yum-Yum!!!!! Your jewels are so beautiful!!!! Talk about the eye candy!! Fun!

Natasha Burns

I love love love your vintage jewellery pieces Donna!!! just so beautiful!


What a beautiful collection!!!

jen duncan

Hey there~ I've been gone a week and thought SURELY you'd have posted the groovy new repurposing find. Don't forget! (hope all is well)

Pearl Maple

Incredible collection of jewels, can you imagine if they were able to tell their stories of adventure, how they found their way to you and how much they'd like a chance to shine again in some new way.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection with us all in blog land.

Cindy Roberts

Pretty! I missed the bling show and tell, but I recently posted my fav pieces and a short tutorial on Weiss jewels. Stop by and say hello!

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