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  • In all object making, that aspect which relates to it's conceptual interpretation is art, that which relates the object to an intended purpose is design, and the quality of it's execution is craft. ~Hella Basu

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April 13, 2008


Alison Gibbs

Looks like some pretty things going into your store

jessi nagy

such beautys today!!! love your journaling page. gorgeous!!!


Very cool page Mil. I instantly though of Celine Dion when I saw that page. The dress you altered looks like something she would have worn at her Vegas show. The boots, the dress, she even looks like Celine, huh?

I'm very impressed that you are relasing some of your "children." You can be assured that they, too, will be sent to a good home and used to make fabulous creations and wonderfuls things--just as you do with them. Their lives will not be lived in vain, stuffed in some old lady's once wonderful craft room, gathering dust alongside that forever desk calendar stuck on March 3rd.

Laura Duet

love, love, love the new journal page!! Great song to do the page on!

Keep up that neatening of the studio at the end of the day and you will continue to feel great! Soon, I will try to copy you!


Love, love, love the journal page! I think I need a bag of those vintage pearls! Knowing me, I would put a skull bead in between each one to make a necklace!


Just happened by. Love your journal page and the jewels are to die for. I guess I better check out your shop.


Hi Donna,
Thanks for the visit. Sounds like you are making lots of progress, good for you! It gives me hope in my quest for control and organization. Check out the book I am reading on my blog too! It is encouraging to have lots of people behind you. Oh, what did you mean about that "google reader" thing?? I am clueless. (well that's really not unusual for me sad to say LOL) Keep on moving forward!
Carol ps...I have 2 ATCs left..I can give ya one w/no strings attached..let me know!


I love your Journal page and must check out your shop!! I ran into Candice at our LSS this morning and asked her how you to came to know one another. Were your ears burning around 11am...10am your time?

Heather {Pretty Petals}

Love all of your goodies you have been adding to your etsy Donna!!

I also wanted to thank you for sending me that gorgoeus email with lots of tips and techniques. I feel so bad I didn't email you back. I hope you know that I appreciated it so much!!

xoxo Heather

Camille @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

FEARLESS! I think I'll do an art journal page on that. I haven't uploaded pics of my art journal in awhile. I'll put it on the calendar. Love your blog! And have enjoyed your emails too. And I'm w/ you on keep your studio intact. It does help. I've been working on it for days. A place for EVERYTHING is my goal. Awwww... And then more art journaling tomorrow! Hugs!


The journaling page is so cool, you have been busy busy~~~ Hope all is well on your front, have a great weekend.


Love your journal page! It's awesome. You guys are all doing such cool things and I'm sooooo behind! Whine! LOL. Thanks for the inspiration, both on your blog and via mail. COOL! Inspiration packet...thank you honey! : )
PS..proud of ya for keeping studio clear! 5 gold stars for ya!

Pearl Maple

Fantastic journal page. The theme of Journaling Without Fear is a good one, we all have so much dialogue inside us, surprising what we can release.

Your etsy shop is getting busy with all kinds of wonderful new things, all very exciting.


I'm early for show and tell but this post actually fit in pretty well =) Blessings... Polly



I love your page! This sounds so cool. Can I join in? I tried to email Heather, but didn't get a response. I see you are a moderater - are there still openings for other members? I would love to join.


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