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April 29, 2008



My goodness...THANK YOU for introducing us to Penny. What amazing work and I LOVE her blog!


It seems that most of the photos I see in my blog shopping that, "brighter is better." Her dark photography is beautiful and lends itself to the vintage feel she's after. I can see how you would be in love with her work instantly.


Thanks for the info on this amazing artist!!! She really does amazing work, and I so wish I could take a photo even half that wonderful (sigh)...

karin (creativechaos)

So beautiful! Love her work.....I wish I could take photos like that....


Beautiful artwork. I really love the cuffs. Thank you for sharing them


I found the link here from Kari's place. What a gorgeous post filled with a really talented artist's work. I just visiting your Etsy shop, (Kari's link). So happy to have found your beautiful blog and I love Vintage wallpaper. Karen


The cuffs are one of a kind. Thanks for sharing Pennys work with us. Indeed magical!

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