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April 02, 2008



Sounds like you are getting things under control. Calling the painters in and the hardwood floor installers is such a good start! My DH and I tend to try to do everything ourselves too and so ultimately nothing ever gets done because we are both just plain burned out. I did go the the bookstore yesterday, but came home empty-handed with the exception of a hazelnut latte. I had a couple books in my hand but put them back on the shelves. I am so proud of myself. As Heather puts steps!

Alice dR

I'm a hoarder too. I buy lots of stuff thinking I'll use it soon and then it just piles up. Now, I see that I've got the greed problem also. I purchased both of the wallpaper packs and then read your blog and saw that you only made a couple of them. Nothing worse than a greedy hoarder! Isn't there another name for someone like that? Must join you in this quest for a cure!


Yay for you! Your space looks better already! I'm so glad you are hiring painters. It's that first big step and it'll provide the momentum to keep going. "Equalizing" refers to daily living, too, like my biggest downfall, hanging up my clothes (my husband doesn't know what a closet is for). So every day I tell myself, "Time to equalize your clothes!" I am deeply envious of the telephone. I also come a family pack rats--when I went to a rich friend's expensive but minimalist house, I said, "Where is your *stuff?*"


Just found this quote (not in my mess!): "Art is the triumph over chaos." John Cheever


Thank God you are, "Calling the man, Aunt Bea" your back could not--NOT withstand a grueling Brian fueled project. I was gobsmacked reading that paragraph and then euphoria set in with this, "Whew! when you came to your senses.

Tina Wright

Good for you!! "your are getting off the pot" as my granny used to say~I don't think she was talking about wackyweed and getting things done!! love it!! go girl!!


just had a chance to quickly read your recent posts...i get lost in my never ending stuff to do. I am sure you have touched a part of many of us who struggle w/these issues..mine is little piles and disorganization, coupled w/i am running out the door last minute to get the little gals to school on time and later in the day i notice i never even combed my hair.... workin on STUFF TOO! making time to craft and space to do what i love. Good work in your big and baby steps Donna, hugs to you!!!
Sassafras & LuLu


Sounds like you've got a great plan. I totally agree with hiring the painters...your time is much better spent creating. (almost used a ! there, but I resisted..he he he). Love the cool phone. Good luck with your little de-stash. I too am a hoarder (like you didn't know that), but I am trying to focus on using what I've got instead of purchasing more and more (except for pretty vintage flowers) and maybe some pretty flocked wallpaper (wink wink).


omgoodness! I get such a kick out of your posts!!! I feel the same way when I walk into my craft room after a few weekends of craziness- I get so mad that I have to spend my crafting time cleaning away clutter just to get to my craft I admit it- sometimes I just dump stuff in yet another box to get it out of the way and start a whole new mess...damn that Oprah!!!! She can afford to pay someone to clear her clutter!!! Oh wait I hear's my guilty conscience ...LOL!

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