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March 19, 2008



wonderful thoughts there at the end. You have good insights. I am looking forward to this journal adventure. I am impressed at your studio clean up.. altho I am not sure I am that inspired to tackle mine yet. Baby steps..
great post.. and I am no more insane than you. LOL


heather and i have decided that you are the Queen of Insanity for all you went through for this swap! i've got you beat on the studio mess, though. and i love what you did with my charm -- you made it look so cool!

jessi nagy

hey girl!!
did you ever find the perfect shade of red?
im glad your blogging again!
your creation for the swap is truly amazing!
im so sure everyone of those gals knows how much hard work, and time, and love went into those lovely canvases!!!


What a lot of work, but your collage turned out beautifully!

Glad you've left the 'mean reds' behind and hope you're 'pretty in pink' soon :)


Yeah!!! Glad to see you are back blogging again! Too funny that you mention Breakfast at Tiffany's. Miss B and I just watched it last Friday evening. Love your Easter collage, but girl, you gotta keep it simpler when there are so many items to produce. And as for the studio cleanup...looks great, but you would die to see my office. Yikes...there is a path to the desk, and a very small room to create. I so seriously need to clean up, but then I will not remember where I put everything!! Soon though, cuz I am getting to where it is affecting my productivity (I think). Looking forward to seeing more photos and blog entries!!! Have a most happy and blessed Easter. Oh, and I love the wall with all your hangings!!! SUPERB!


SO glad to see you are back!! I WAS expecting to see "The Perfect Red" again! LOL!! Can't wait to see all your Easter swap photos! Happy Easter!

Karin (creativechaos)

Donna...the collage is abslutely BEAUTIFUL!! you should be so proud of it!! I adore my piece of artwork from you! I swear we are twins separated at birth....I sooo want to do a journal and have been putting it on the backburner also. I think I need to sign up with Heather so she can kick my butt into gear! Talk to you soon....

Alison Gibbs

Oh what a fabulous collage you made, well lots of collages.
Love the pic of the art you have received.
Have a great Easter


Glad to see you back. Everybody needs a break sometime. But I sure did miss you.
Hugs and Love


SO nice to have you back in blogland. Great post! What fun goodies you have displayed. Can't wait to see more:)


Forgot to mention, your swap art is absolutely AMAZING!!! You are the *queen* of wallpaper, girl!!!

debra schoch

hello, received my swap collage today and have to say it 'is' my favorite piece! will hang up year round.. and you did a graet job cleaning now..wanna come here and clean my workroom!? ha! have enjoyed your work for a while now..glad you getting the red out..stay creative!


Oh Donna, I bet it feels really good to have all that organizing done! I need to do that, badly! So glad I stumbled over here tonight, as I can again thank you for sending all that yummy wallpaper and seam binding my way when I ordered from you recently. Wow. That was so generous of you. I think your wallpaper packs are my very favorites and the best I've ever gotten from anyone. Loved the flocked papers. Love them! Thanks again and wishing your a very Happy and blessed Easter!


P.S. I don't even know how you had the patience to do all of those canvas vignettes. Oh my gloss. They look fabulous!

Jen Muir

Yeah, my Okie friend is back! You had me worried. Love your swap creations! They are just gorgeous. Jen M., OK


It's an Easter miracle! You're back. I hate to say it, but that was one long...dadgummed long poste Mil.

I had to laugh outloud at the last paragraph and since we're the closest of friends and if I wrote, "that" you'd laugh outloud, too and then chaud me in front of my peers--crap anyone withing ear shot.

What kind of incense were you burning anyway?


Good to see you back! Maybe we can get excited about our round robin project again with Kari! xo

Tina Wright

It's about freaking time you posted!! We missed our dose of D!!!!


YIPEE. So glad to see you out here. I hate that I have already read the 'no exclamation point' post, because I would have definitely had to use them here en display my excitement. Loved all three posts I just read today. I'm a few days behind on my reading and thrilled to find new stuff out here.(exclamation point times 8)

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