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March 20, 2008


Alison Gibbs

Sure was one long post.
Love all of your Swap pieces, so many talented people out there.
Oh I don't know - a clean studio - scary idea.
Happy Easter


Very cool stuff, Mil. I'm SO glad that the, "Perfect Red" is dead and gone. Welcome back.


So glad you're back! (Exclamation definitely called for) Thanks for sharing all of these awesome creations - love your piece. I've been striving to start off with a clean workspace every day - its a huge challenge, but it definitely makes a difference!

Karin (creativechaos)

well...I for one will not forgive you for the lame photo styling.

hee hee....I'm cracking up....because as I'm scrolling through I'm thinking how cute all the photos look.

Now about those exclamations...I don't know if I can stop using them. Then again sometimes my posts do look like I'm hopped up on to many double caffe mocha latte grandes. But still. It's just hard not to use those exclamations. I'll put it on my list of things to do......right after learn spanish and paint kitchen cupboards.....

Alice dR

What a way to come back! Such lovely art from all your swaps. Your post would drive the artistic doldrums away to be sure. I'm glad to know that you're OK and back in the blogging world.


I love these swap posts of yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (couldn't resist)

Seriously- beautiful creations by all including you. You always go above and beyond.

Happy Easter and glad to see ya back.


Welcome back with a vengence!!
Your groups goodies are truly fabulous, what a bevy of talent and creativity. A fabulous swap indeed.
Happy Easter to you and your family!


He he he he!!! You know I just have to use the exclaimation points. I read that post of Miz T and I do try to curb them a bit, but it is just not as easy to convey my enthusiasm and exeuberance (sorry if that is spelled wrong) without them. Love all the great swap items you received. One of these days I want to participate in one of these fun swaps. Looking forward to seeing all your Etsy items. I bet that journal will be totally yummy! Yep, I know I should clean up my area, but I never seem to finish anything in one day...sigh. Well, hope you and the family have a WONDERFUL Easter!

Holly Abston

Hey Donna! You are so sweet to say I have a "signature style". I guess we all do, but it's hard to see that in our own stuff, don't you think? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the collage you made for us and i CANNOT BELIEVE you did that ELEVEN TIMES. Amazing. Also, the "seven" label ROCKS! I'm going to find something cool to use that one for sure! xo Holly


You are back!!!!!!! (exclamation points are totally necessary here!)

It is saturday morning, I am reading all of your new posts, and I am feeling so inspired by you!! Such total eye candy! Such a lot of love shown here....

I too have been having the down days of late, but your posts are making me feel so happy! I want to get going on an art journal too.

Thanks for all the posts you are giving me the gift of a wonderful morning of inspiration!!!!

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