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January 30, 2008


Alison Gibbs

What pretty ribbon and such a beautiful frame.

jessi nagy

so beautiful!!!
love it.


i am LOVING that ribbon!!! and your frame is just gorgeous, i love the flowers and baubles!!!


Wooohoooo! I made that frame mine! :0)
I've been missing your latte emails Donna!
~Cerri xoxo

Beth Leintz

The ribbon is luscious! And it is the PERFECT shade of red- I agree why don't they make ribbon like they used to- rayon seam binding & velvets, too!

Tina Wright

Looks yummy! Why don't you tell us again, how much you love that ribbon???? ;)


Love the red! But I'm a brown gold girl too, so can't wait to see what you do with that.....



Hi I am new to your blog and just wanted to say I love your creations! Especially this one, the colours are beautiful together, if you dont mind me asking where did you find the image of the girl?
I will see you again soon,

Priscilla x


ooooooooo crimson.
we love RED and that is the perfect red.
another fabulous frame missy - i'm in love with that piece at the top of it and the gorgeous glitter - its just beautiful!


I believe that is the perfect red!


LOOOOOVe the red very pretty indeed~

Sadie Lou

I wanted to make sure you got an invite--I'm not sure if you have a Flickr account but I know you have an Etsy!
Join our group!!
Hope to see you sign up! I have some good ideas cooking up to get more attention for us on Etsy!


the red is wonderful. I love the green and the undyed too is all just great!

Gabriela Delworth

This is lovely!



Per my first Blog entry I confessed to being a total Red Girl in a Blog world of Pink and Blue! My close friend Andrea Singarella of One Hundred Wishes will attest to that! I loved your red ribbon so much that I just ordered some. Where in OK are you? I graduated from High School in Altus!

Tandra Boyer

Beautiful breathtaking blog!! Beautiful red ribbon!
I found your blog thru Teresa McFaydens site. Lucky me!!!
I love all the things you make!!!


Every thing here is beautiful as ever, Red being one of my fav's at the moment with with pink, blue and green, just check out my website the image on the home page is of my kitchen shabby colours with splashes of Red! Your new frame is beautiful, Just love it. Also could you email me had a few clitches with my computer, Just wanting to know how the Maddison and Anastasia sign are comming on and could you send me an invoice for first installment, Thanks Donna.
Chat soon!


Your glitter frames are magical!

Sue McG

Lovely ribbon and such a pretty frame! That red is luscious! My color suggestion would be green - a deep sage or acidic apple green - delish!

Natasha Burns

Hey Donna! Where have you been? I got home from holidays and you haven't posted since I got back. Miss you!!!! xo


Ribbon and there anything better? That ribbon is fabulous...I am going to go check out what else you have done with ribbon! Keri

Heather - Pretty Petals

Hey Donna, Hope you are ok! Haven't seen you in awhile... xoxo Heather


Come now Mildred, let's get a post before the close of February. You can do it. Put down guitar hero and give us a bone.

i have it! Give me a guest editorial! That would be fabulous!


Your new work. How BEAUTIFUL!
Just let me know anytime when you would like help on your side bars.
I'm still here for you!



Oh I love that red!!! Amazing rich color for it being hand dyed! Good job....I also love the Christmas white and brown Santa cone.

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