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January 13, 2008



oh, that is definitely the best sketch...and don't you just crack up all over again when she says "I saw it in the window and just had to have it". I have seen her in an interview where she says the reason her cheeks are sucked in when she comes out at the top of the stairs is that she was trying to keep from cracking up. Apparently, only Bob Mackie (genius), Carol and Harvey knew about the dress, they told Harvey not too long before the sketch so he wouldn't just fall out laughing. I say all the time that I want a dress like that with the curtain rod in it--wouldn't it be great for Halloween?

Alison Gibbs

Just love the look of that frame.


OMG!!! that is my all time favorite Carol Burnett skit too!!! i am cracking up just thinking about it!!! and ooooh!!! i just cannot wait to lay eyes on my flocked wallpaper:)

your frame peek looks lovely!!!


You Tube is a great place for nostaliga--I go there all the time too for Carol Burnett. I like the skit you talked about, but I love the Tim Conway, Old Man skits for some reason, then Mr. Tudball, and Eunice, then the Went with the Wind. It was a great show, I love it.

There will come a day, Mildred when you may never have to leave your house again! All you need now is one of those tubes from the bank that can suck you mail in to you and you are set!


I seriously don't know what I did before click n ship. I get so mad when my computer is being stupid and it won't let me use it. It's only happened like twice, but I got mad both times. :)
Love your work and your paper packs, I would be very interested in them if you decide to put them back up.
I found your blog at Angelina's, I'll be back for sure.


phew, I thought I had missed the frames when i clicked over to Etsy and didn't see any but I guess you have not listed them yet. I love the detail of this last one. I can only imagine how loverly they are in person. mmm, glitter!

Beth Leintz

Thank goodness for Click N Ship!

Love all the sparkling eye candy on your blog- you do have a way with glitter!


its like watching a kid in a candy store - you and your wi-fi LOL...
mrs. wiggins.... mrs wiggins....
and that top most snippet - i'm in love with it. you should just sell it - forget the rest of the frame...


Your frame(s) look great!
Click and Ship? I've GOT to jump on the train with you and LEARN!!

Happy New Year!

Renee Kyweriga

I just tried it out too and i love it, now if I can just figure out why my printer is printing it all crud like, I'm not even close to running out of ink.
It is pretty cool isn't it, I was a little nervous to try it myself for awhile, until my regular post guy said something. Here is to super fast internet!

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