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December 27, 2007


Alison Gibbs

What beautiful Tree Toppers you both made. What gorgeous goodies were inside. Soo.. lucky.


Donna, i am swooning right along with you, Heather sent you the most lovely goodies ever!!! and i just LOVE what you made for her!!! the colors are SO wonderful!!! gorgeous!!!


Well...I'm just now back to internet access--and starbucks! and I'm catching up. I see that I missed the opportunity to gloat about the fact that you did not post 12 days straight! I'm delighted you didn't let me down Mildred. Thanks for not proving me wrong. That wasn't gloating was it?

Your tree topper is quite beautiful, very fun. Kendra's Grandma has a jewelry box full of old, really old costume jewelry that I know you would die for. Of course it's West Texas which means every dadgummed piece is huge. Teensy was all about those ear rings which were the size of her head!

******Why on earth didn't you grab at least a few pieces? No one would have noticed. I knew you'd be pleased to prove I couldn't make the 12 days of posting schedule. I'm glad I could put a smile on your face.


The two of you were very well matched!! Thank you soo much for hosting. I had a lot of fun creating and admiring!!
Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2008


What a fabulous match up. I love your tree topper and the one Heather made for you is lovely as well. You were certainly spoiled by her generosity. That lady rocks, as do you !!

Flea Market Queen

Pure perfection on both ends!
Love them...
Happy New Year,


yummy!! what a wonderful topper you sent and a wonderful one you received!!!! Happy New Year!


Donna, you are quite the opposite of a "schmuck"! Oh my gosh! I'm a big fan of yours and absolutely love your tree topper! I consider it a great compliment that you enjoy my cards. :)
P.S. I love that santa on your tree topper.

Heather- Pretty Petals

Hi Donna!!! SOOOO glad you loved your swap goodies!! You forgot to mention that you sent ME the MOST GORGOEUS package I ever did see of vintage papers. I have never quite seen anyone have such a fabulous collection of papers and you spoiled me...which I love!

anyway, You are in no way a schmuck, I feel the same way about you and was so nervous to have you as my partner. Amazing and talented you are!!! and I LOVE LOVE my tree topper. Your work is gorgoeus! Thank you!!! Luv ya! Heather

p.s.- still working on finding the red tinsel. eek


OH MY, Donna I am completely drooling over the brown topper you made, so gorgeous. I have to say this is my favorite piece delicious.
I cannot believe how long I have been away from blogging and my chaos with the project here and down to the 11th hour the day before the children and family arrived. Still vacumming dry wall dust (and shall continue) for many months to come and the building continues... XOX

Susan Wilken

This is like the Emperor's New Clothes. Donna, your tree topper is BEAUTIFUL AND CREATIVE. Heather's is gorgeous, but my goodness, girl, what a an extra fine piece of art you made! It's just out this world beautiful!! "schmuck"??? I don't think so!!


Your topper is EXQUISITE! Thanks for sharing. Your work is wonderfully inspirational. Wish I could touch that vintage chenille! - The topper you received is lovely too! Happy New Year! - Amy B

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