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December 19, 2007


Alison Gibbs

Cerri's birds are gorgeous. You are so lucky. looking forward to seeing what you all get on your Day 7.


You are getting all kinds of good things. Hope your Holiday season is going well~~~

Natasha Burns

How precious, love the birdie! Can't wait to see yours tomorrow!!!


Well, I think your signs are absolutely gorgeous and anyone who wouldn't think so obviously has no taste so they don't count! LOL!


Those teachers better love their Merry signs or I will kick their butts. I think they are gorgeous. I want one that says BLOOM.

Yay, a giftie from you tomorrow!!


Donna, loooove the Merry signs! They are gorgeous!
You got a great photo of your Princess, I may "steal" it to use on my blog post if that's ok? I did not take any photos before flew the coop! :0)
Can't wait to reopen your gift tomorrow!!
~Cerri xoxo


Donna , your swaps look fantastic.. everyone in it so detailed from wrapiing to the actual crafts. Magical. And I'm sure you've heard of the saying we are our own worst judge. Well that being said the TEACHERS are going to love your Merry Signs.I'm so sure of that with all the effort and creativity you've put into it. I shall be back to check on more of your 12 days of unwrapping...

jessi nagy

you all are getting such awesome gifts!!!
your signs are gorgeous of course!
happy holidays!

Michelle Cummings

everything is so pretty and sparkely. thanks for sharing


those "merry" signs are just the best sweetie (love that piece on one that makes me think of bejeweled green wreath - in the center.. oooo so purty!)
and i'm glad you mentioned B is the Queen enabler.. i'm merely a princess! LOL the birdy looks wonderful - the perfect merry home


he he he...Queen Bee that title!!! Love the gor-ge-ous collages!!! If those teachers don't like them, they should be given a strict talking too, and have them give it back so you could mail it to someone who would love and appreciate it (like me, he he he)...I'm just sayin...When Mark took all those cards I've been makin to work today, I told him to tell everyone how much work I put into them...I try not to think about someone tossing it into the trash (makes me cringe).

jennifer Paganellli

I'm going crazy over here!!! I got my package and I'm just in awe of your creations..first off I can't believe I won cause I've never won anything in my life and then to win such gorgeous items..Your eye is unbeatable,,,perfection at every turn...I'll be blogging about this !!!! I am blown away can you tell...Thank you so much Donna!! All the best, Jennifer

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