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December 01, 2007



Isn't renovating fun? I know when my son was 13 his idea of a room was dark black curtains on the windows. It looks like he and Luke have the same tastes!


Luke's room is really cool. Even though it is in another hemisphere for "me" I like it. Now down to business, I just can't tell you how devastating all this change is, Mildred. I was there 9 years ago and loved it like it was. The carpet I can see needs to be replaced, but must you just change, change, change? I think you do it because you know it drives me crazy! That's really it isn't it?

****Yes, William, I live my life to drive you crazy. It would be worth living with competition orange walls in my living room just to see your horror stricken face. Thank God, you are not in charge of the world's decorating. Everything on earth would be beige.


looks great so far!! Be careful on the stained..I did 1200sq ft and it about killed me....

Bristol @ Cottage by the River

What a great compromise. Don't you love the blackboard paint, we have it on the door to the basement. Did you get those two doggies to pose, very funny!

Karin (creativechaos)

I love the blackboard idea for the black walls.....that way he can keep changing it up.....Looks great!

Lisa Renea

Fabulous! Such a perfect "13" room. Love the color!


Love the room, specially the black board wall.

William - beige...a typical man. LOL.


i WISH i had seen this before we did the 14~year~olds room as he also wanted black and i couldn't think of a good compromise...he ended up with a steely kind of blue...the doggies are TOO cute!!! and i am dying over your wallpaper packs...GORGEOUS!!!!


Oooh, can I just say how much I would looooooooove a glittery floor?? Well, I guess I kinda have one if you count all the spilled glitter and embossing powder... but I mean an intentionally glittery floor! I am itching to see the finished studio. Luke is a lucky boy, his room is looking mighty cool. And now you've got me wanting to see the front view of these poochies too!


love this remodel - esp. the blackboard - so cool...

xox - eb.


I LOVE the idea of the chalkboard paint for a "man cave" room we are doing for the kids and hubby and then grafitti all over it!! I am going to admit it and be a big fat copier...cant wait to get started after chrissy...Cant imagine having a 13 year old Luke (panic panic and deep breath!!) my Luke is only 8.......
Happy Holidays to you and your family Donna!

Sue McG

Love the graffiti wall Donna! Can we figure you're up to your ears in remodel and holidays as we speak?

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