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December 20, 2007



Oh Donna!! Don't feel so bad about this really!!!
It happens in transit sometimes! We all KNOW you do great work!
~Cerri xoxo

Alison Gibbs

Donna, your work is beautiful.

Natasha Burns

Donna they look so beautiful, I am sure the girls wouldn't mind if they were a tiny bit damaged!


Oh my goodness!!! Those signs are breathtaking!!! I am sure they won't mind doing a little fix-up! Then they can say they worked collaboratively with you!!!!

Did you use vintage wallpaper on canvas board for these????

They are truly spectacular!!!!


they're gorgeous sweetie. and stuff happens (although i would be beside myself too)and i'm sure they won't mind at all getting some scrap from you to repair theirs. they're so beautiful they'll want to :-)


I think they are great, and too bad the mailboobystoopidgrimlins messed them hiss on them..

Merry Christmas!!!

Sweet Remembrance happens, don't beat yourself up!
They are so lovely...
Happy Holidays,


These are beautiful. I'm sure they wouldn't mind fixing the German scrap. Your work is amazing.
Happy Holidays!

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