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November 12, 2007



Mildred, Mildred, Mildred...beautiful stories. I just love to hear the stories you tell of your childhood. Please, oh please, tell the dead body story about the cocky guy with your Dad. I just love that one.

Down to business. You are no longer allowed to give me any grief about my, "mammoth" posts--EVER! You are now in my league, congratulations on your first mammoth post!

Now, go wash your hands. you should wash your hands after such excursions. Must I go over the hand washing rules everytime!


What cool finds & great stories. I love the dice from the stardust. WAY COOL! Had to laugh about washing your hands :)

Alison Gibbs

What a post - so many goodies from the hunt.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Such interesting goodies you have Donna! What a fabulous story of your Dad. An admirable man for sure and what accomplishments he had! Now I understand the picture of the lady with the shotgun at that top of your blog..hehe!

My Dad was also a policeman... there is a definate pride that one feels to know that their Father believed so strongly in upholding the law. Also... he was (is) one protective Daddy! lol

Natasha Burns

Donna I love hearing your stories! You are a wealth of information and can't wait to hear about your dad's 'dead body' and emergency landing stories!

Bristol @ Cottage by the River

Donna- Loved your post. My husband is a police officer and in the airforce. He dreams of getting his pilots license and is obsessed with any aircraft. He has worked on a project for years to get a helicopter at his agency.
My husband would have been attached to your Dad's hip, if they had met.


Wow, you have so many fantastic stories of your family. I grew up with a Mom who was in advertising and remember well the rolls of rubylith and pica poles. I even learned to cut rubylith and work the process camera. I think my Mom would still be using it if I hadn't forced a computer into her hands. LOL What fun memories and even better treasures!


What beautiful stories your treasures divulge!
Can't wait to see what you will create Donna!


Looks like a wonderful selection of goodies!!! Bet you will be making some really amazing things!!!


no pica pole here but i do still have two pica and elite rulers :-) i am a cool kid too :-) (i remember rubylith but my favorite thing was the waxer for pasting up stuff - gosh i wonder if anyone still uses a waxe anymore - ahhhhh the fun these kids miss using computers dontcha think?!?)
i love that brooch and you know i love the stories - tell some more please... but wash your hands first before Will has a cow :-)


Oh my! I LOVE your blog---you inspire, you make me laugh and you bring tears to my eyes all at the same time!!

Flea Market Queen

Donna...I adore reading your posts!
They always make me smile...


wonderful goodies & stories!

Sue McG

Treasure indeed Donna, not just the goodies you found but the memories you hold - make sure you tell the stories so your sons carry them forward!

Flea Market Queen

I wanted to pop over and wish you & yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

jenny holiday

Toooo COOOOL! What amazing finds!!! Just a great great post!! Love it all to bits!!!!

xoxo Jenny

Sandra Evertson

You really scored!
Some great stuff there!
Sandra Evertson

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