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November 09, 2007


Natasha Burns

MERRY is mine..... i have to have that one! don't let anyone else buy it please, lol!


WOW!! I love both pieces but the second one is a stunner for sure, I for one LOVE IT!! I am so excited to see what all is presented on Heather's Gift Show (Dec 1, BTW)

Alison Gibbs

What a beautiful Merry Canvas. So pretty.


Beautiful! I love the colors.


Your merry canvas is dressed up for the snowball dance and wearing it's corsage! i'ts really cool. i have to say that the round brooch canvas thingy is my favorite. I'll take that one. Just mail it to me for Kendra. Thanks.


I love your MERRY!! I also have those types of messes when creating! IT is a Creative Chaos...( Ijust have to clean mine up!!! so it's not a Stagnet Choas! lol...Flylaydy's....CHAOS..can't have anyone over syndrome! LOL

I love the Birdy Medallion very MultiSeasoned I think!!
great work!!
abundace and love

Elaine L.

I do like the colors in the birdy medallion. It's very Daisy Cottage, to me.



ooohh, love the round one..don't listen to that man...he don't know nuttin...cauz that Merry is fab and over the tip top...

Donna O.

That teal and very 'vintage'!!


Donna....these pieces are pure genius!!! The round canvas is just amazing, so different, so cool, so "right on!" Love it!!! You, my dear, are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your great art with us!!! You make me happy in my heart!


Love your "Merry" canvas. Very pretty, indeed! And the brooch is shown off so nicely !


Karin (creativechaos)

I love it!!!

m i c h e l l e

Oh your work just makes me SO happy!!! So gorgeous and I just love the colors!

jenny holiday

Ohhhh myyyy!!! Just tooo tooo too much!! Really tooo much fabulousness!! I LOVE everything!! Fantastic!!!

I soo wish I had signed up for your swap. Life was insane during your sign ups. Now we are back from silver bella and the clean up after the storm has begun! No small task!! I look forward to seeing pics of everyone's creations!!

Keep your fabulousness coming!!

xoxo Jenny


Oh so pretty! Love them!!!!

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