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November 20, 2007



Whooboy, those old dance pictures were fun. LOL

Pearl Maple

Great prom memories, thanks for sharing all the fun with us.

Beth Leintz

Wowzer girl- you were the life of the party! Thanks for sharing your "wild" side with us!


i'm having a major flashback. i have no pics to show and i dont think i would if i did lol.. it would be too traumatic. now you - i'm in shock - i had no idea you were such a party girl. ooooeeee. you do look a-dorable however. so pretty. lovely dresses too. isnt it funny how the dresses often are timeless but the tuxes from the 70's - lordy you know it was from back in the day. and you know Luke is the spitting image of you in some of those pictures. its amazing.

Karin (creativechaos)

I LOVE it!!!! They look just like my photos...Kodak instamatic!! hee hee remember when it had the little attachment to make the flash higher? Seriously, I love the 70's....



You certainly told the G, I wish there were something lower than G, version. If your boys only knew...the good thing is I do and one day will relish in telling them about all--ALL of your antics.

Good pictures. I always wondered what, "Nick" looked like now I know. The guy who is between you and Lisa in the close up looks like Tyler Florence for real!

****An editorial addition by the author****
William is full of crap! I did not tell the G version of my junior prom. For crying out loud how could it possibly be worse than almost 20 screwdrivers at 17???? I think he's mixing my early 20s with my teens and I wasn't that bad. It's just that Mary Richards (Tyler Moore) was "bad" compared to William!
Thank God my dad has absolutely no idea how to work a computer!

jessi nagy

fun!! YOu have so many pctures from the past!!! that is great treasure them!

Natasha Burns

You are a scream!!!!! I love your stories and your photos!!! The photographer looks younger than everyone, so funny! THanks for joining in and for being such fun! I'm updating the list now, taking me a while!


Sounds like you just had a blast and this is the way it should be at your real life prom!! This was a fun blog Prom..."I could have danced all night....."



Thats some vintage 70's photo of your prom you have. Party you sure did! and you looked lovely...thanks for sharing such treasured pictures.

Ta, Adla


so funny...I hate pictures from that time too, always yellowed. I think I might have one picture --standard in the living room for mom-picture from prom activity. I kind of fell into the William sort of person in high school. "father knows best" was a racy time compared to my life--ha


so nice to see you at Natasha' virtual prom! im loving your photos - how pretty are you??
sounds like such a fun night!


Hi there, I'm here via the virtual prom! Really enjoyed reading your post and all those pics - how cool are they! Love the 70's fashions, I remember wearing those styles just as I entered my teen years, what clingy dresses they were!! Had to laugh at that pic of the photographer - he looks like such a baby!!! Really cool post - thanks for sharing!


Really nice!! I looked at these and "saw" my husband at exactly the same age, same era...and thought how can that be...really eerie how clothing, beards, hair styles can make you see someone else!!

Karen Young

Loved the pictures. Isn't it fun to relive fun times


LiLi M.

I just love your post. Those pictures remind me of us (I met my husband back in '79 at the age of 17). The brown-yellowish atmosphere at those kodac instamatic pictures just scream:' genuine 70-ties', I think. Thanks for taking me back to memory lane! I think I will stay here at this prom for a while (aaah to be 17 again!).
btw I collect everything and also vintage wallpaper...I will be back...LiLi


Awesome pics!!! That David totally looks like he's gonna puke, lol!! You look so cute in your pretty, satiny dress!


Your post cracks me up. I read the whole thing. The photos are great. Nothing like vintage 70's fashion.


Love all the photos of your prom! Sounds like it was quite a night! Love all the 70's fashion!


Really enjoyed your real life experiences, I do detect a naughty twinkle in your eye!

Sue McG

ROFL Donna, just seeing your pics brings back a lot of memories of my own high school days :) Glad you had a good time chica!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Donna... Oh I love seeing these old photos!!! I guessed the wrong girl in the first You were such a gorgeous girl!


HA! I pegged ya right...gah...those pics take me back. You were a wilder woman than me...LOL. What a trip down memory lane, thanks for sharing. Love when you and Will "discuss"...LOL.


Par-tay!!!! Love the cool retro photos!!! Looks like my prom!!! You look like you had tons of fun, and isn't that the point!!! Looks like lots of fun memories!!! So glad you shared these great moments!!!


Dear Donna,
I throughly enjoyed your Prom tale!
Plus, this was Real not Virtual! Just great. You are just as pretty at the end of the soirée as before the screwdriver competition! So much FUN and thank you!!


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