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October 23, 2007


Elaine L.

Congratulations Heather!



CONGRATS to lucky lucky Heather!!!


Forgot to mention how much I liked that gorgeous had and the cool card from Tracy!!! She cracks me up!!!


Love the card Tracy made really funny!
Congrats Heather! Yeah it will be fun to see what she does with all that wonderful paper!
That hat is sooo adorable. Those velvet leaves alone cost 5.00 not sure how to deconstruct a hat...kinda sad.What about a heat gun or have you tried steam?
I'll be back to see what you have done! Have a super day!

Michelle Cummings

Congrat's to heather!

and thanks to you for leaving me a nice comment on my 100th post! e-mail me your address, I'd like to send you a treat!

Sweet Remembrance

Congrats Heather...
Good for you!

I love the hat!


Lucky Lucky Heather!

And lucky you for owning that amazing pink flowered hat, under the Red Roof!

Pearl Maple

Congratulations to Heather, what a nice hat to drawn from so many flowers.

Alison Gibbs

Congrats. to heather for winning.

Linda M

Beautiful hat and love that card from Tracy. So appropriate for you!


Gorgeous stuff!! I have missed 18 of your posts, do you hear me??!! Horrible, just horrible! I have been working day and night on postcards and my poor blog that froze up on me over a week ago. I was just sick about it...set up new accounts...all that and now I finally have it up and running again. Phew. Love the Halloween is one of my favorite colors. You certainly have been an enterprising woman while I have been away. WHAT? I missed two drawings for a 100 pack of vintage wallpapers? I am crying, just crying...sniffles.


OH.MY.GOD!!! I am so lame! How did I even MISS your email other than it has been completely nuts here and I think my brain feel out a few days ago?! I cannot believe it but I am JUMPING for joy and surprise. What a doof. THANK YOU!
I am emailing you back NOW! LOL, yes you all deserve a chuckle at MY expense!!!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Yay Heather!!!

Donna, what a pretty the little berry things in there too. I hope you got my email thanking you for my beautiful wallpaper pack. :))))



Congratulations Heather!!!


Such a fun place this is! Happy! Always happy! :) :) :)


oh my!! I am in heaven!! Stumbled across your blog, so excited I did! xo ~Izabella

Donna O.

Are you SURE it wasn't me?? Okay, okay. (But I stuffed the ballot box!)

Beth Leintz

Since I've totally fallen under the spell of vintage wallpaper, I LOVE the card, too. And I think it's so much fun that the original edge label "Union Made" is still there!

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