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October 11, 2007


Alison Gibbs

What a great way you have used your vintage cups.Love both the Halloween and the gorgeous girl cups.

Sue McG

The red looks great - who says we have to use traditional colors on our projects? (prolly the same person who says you have to color inside the lines ... no way!)


I love what you're doing with these little cups. You're very creative.

Flea Market Queen

Loving the red...
You are so creative indeed!

Natasha Burns

You do amazing Haloween stuff, as well as awesome stuff in general!!!! Wow dial-up!!! That must be so hard!!!

Sadie Lou

I feel the same about pink that you do about red--can Hallowen be Pink? Oh, I think it must.
I just fond your blog through Monica Anderson's blog--I also hearted that bare Etsy shop of yours in which I hope to find some of your treasures soon!


Totally WONDERFUL!!! That bitty pom-pom trim is just the cutest!!


I love the black pom pons around the H'ween plaque. And yes, red is good too.

Donna O.

Good Stuff going on here!! And hey-I just saw some of your favorite books you've listed- To Kill a Mocking Bird- The Prince of Tides-two of my ALL time favs (movies, too!)


Very cool! I love the vibrant colors and the tiny black poms poms are so whimsical. Thanks for sharing!


I love your style and creativity! These are so fun to decorate your home with.

Renee Kyweriga

I think it turned out beautiful and with the red it adds a dash of surprise to it. Plus Red can totally be a Halloween color. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl Comfort

So cute! Teeny-tiny pom-pom fringe... now thats something I could go for, what a great find!

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