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October 08, 2007



Oh, what I could do with that many sheets of vintage wallpaper!!!! Please enter me! I love seeing all your creations that you post on the blog!


I love all your vintage wallpaper!! Congratulations on your 103rd post!! keep up the good work...

Carol :0


First of all, that hat is fantastic! All the details are just stunning.
I can assure you, I would find uses for all that vintage wallpaper! 103, wow! Thanks for the opportunity to win and congrats on your 100th, er, 103rd post. :)


(secretly whispering, pick me, pick me.) :-)


The hat is stunning. Could you tell us the dimensions and what is the base of the hat. Vintage wallpaper could be used for making hats...Hmmmmmm. Joyce


yummy cone/hat!!! sign me up for that drawing too pleaseplease..


congrats on your 100th post! (or is it 103?) love your blog, check in daily. Poor William!


how generous of you!!! happy 100th post and here's to many more great posts!!
love your witchy hat!!


YEA! CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a wonderful prize for us PAPER LOVERS!

Blogger has differing opinions on my posting count as well. The sign-in page shows 103, but my archives on the blog showed 100 when I actually posted my 100th. I'm wondering if Blogger counted a couple of posts that I deleted in my early stages of learning the blog ropes!

Anyhooo, I'm excited for YOU!

Thanks for the Giveaway!


P.S. You may have noticed that I linked from my blog to yours, so you might be meeting some new people!


You're so Fun! 103 posts of Donna wonderfulness. Of course your hatty creation is Fabulous, too :)


Donna your hat is divine!!! and WOW 103 sheets of wallpaper???? OMIGOSH I am so excited!!!!! Please enter me! (PS. I'm back home now, as if that wasn't obvious!)

Pearl Maple

Congratulations on 103, and that hat is fetching. How nice to have something in white & pink for halloween!

That vintage wall paper is fabulous and just needs a wonderful shabby project to shine.


WOWZA...THAT HAT ROCKS!!! LOVE all the pretty sparklies you used, and the lovely papers!!! I can't wait to see more of these! OH YES, please enter me in that KNOW I will be using that wallpaper!!!


Yikes! 103 sheets! Wow! Love that hat! I'm making Halloween cones to fill with treats for my little ones---too much fun!


I have no idea what I'd do with that much wallpaper, but it sure would be fun to give it a try!

jessi nagy

holy smokes! that hat is awesome!
congrats on you 103rd post.
jessi nagy

pink gate

Oh my! Happy 103!

The hat is wonderful....



Love your blog & creations and love vintage wallpaper - what could be better! (smile) LindaSonia

teresa (maggiegracecreates)

Love these creations. Love vinatage wallpaper. Delurking for the party. Congratulations on 103 posts. Have a wonderful day.


awwww. thanks sweetie but someone might think its a setup so i'll take myself outta the running - Will has to have company in that corner we're he's a sittin all by hisself :-)sad and paperless :-((seriously - i might use some of it but it would take me forever to use 103 sheets!)
that hat is AMAZING - i love it - you should have Luke take a pic of you wearing it!!!! we'd love to see YOU in it - maybe if we're good you'll post a pic soon :-) for Halloween pretty pleeeeaaaase?!!!


Wonderful hat. You picked out the perfect image as she apprears to be peaking out to get a glimpse. Great give away for your posts. Carol R


AMAZING party hat!!! What a generous giveaway:) Please put my name in.


I love the Halloween hat -- esp the fact that it doesn't look scary or orange! It is beautiful! I think I'm inspired to make a hat also! Congrats on your 103rd post!!! ; )


Love your cone hat. So crative. congrats on your blog posts. Add me in to your giveaway. Came over from Artsy Mama.


oooh love your hat. please add me to your giveaway. i have never used vintage wallpaper and would love to play with it

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