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September 14, 2007


Mary Anne Barothy

Enjoyed your blog and was happy to read that you are a Doris Day fan, too! Isn't she great?

I was her secretary in the 70s while she was filming "The Doris Day Show" at CBS and after. Had been a fan since age 10 in the midwest and made my way to Los ANgeles and met her. After a series of events, and a near fatal car accident for me, Doris invited me into her world to work for her and then live with her for nearly two years. She is an incredible Lady, fun-loving and sincere. It was a dream come true for this DD fan!

I wrote my story - my odyssey to Hollywood with many never-before-told stories and photos. My memories are now a part of history and I take readers "day at a time" on this journey.

MY book:

An Indiana Girl's Sentimental Journey to Doris Day's Hollywood and Beyond

is due out in October from
Hawthorne Publishing
UNtil October 1st there are pre-publication discounts!

You may also want to visit my website:

Just thought I would pass this info on to you - enjoy!!!!

Mary Anne Barothy


can't wait to see them. Lovely picture of the milinary items though.

Flea Market Queen

Lovely milinary...
I love them too!

Pearl Maple

Was going to stop and say how lovely the flowers and your blog is looking but Mary Ann's story about Doris Day is tops.


I have a photo of my mother wearing the exact kind of hat you wanted, Donna. Early 60s, small black hat with a short veil. There is a name for those veils, but I can't remember it. I have tried on those hats with veils and wonder how women could see between the dots! The tag is lovely and I'm drooling over all those milliner flowers. I suppose you bought a trunkful of them in mint condition for a dollar!

I know someone who loved Doris Day so much, she wore her hair like she did back in the sixties and still does (the person is 62!).



Love the GORGEOUS tag, and the flowers are TO DIE FOR!!! Lucky you to get these lovelies off Ebay. I just got a stash from an Ebay auction I won, and I am so happy that they are as beautiful as they looked in the photo!!! Already started using them too!!! YUMMY. I think the recipient of your package will be most pleased!!!


Mary Anne Barothy is no friend of DORIS DAY'S for your information. She has written this extremely upsetting book 30 odd years after being fired by Doris Day...interesting she does not divulge why, possibly she does not want to embarrass herself. Shame she has not got a problem with embarrassing Doris Day!otherwise she would have left her manuscript and secret tape recordings in her garage.


How sad that Mary Anne Barothy has used your fun forum to promote the garbage she calls a tribute to Doris Day. What I have seen and heard about this book tells me that Ms Barothy has revealed personal and confidential events of Miss Day's life...and taken the opportunity to write this book in revenge for her dismissal from Miss Day's employment. I'm surprised that she is boasting of her position as secretary and then fails to tell the reason for her departure.
Barothy has betrayed and broken the trust Miss Day placed in her and I'm sorry that you have her book promoted on your site.

Mary M Taylor

I came upon your blog and was happy to find news about the book mentioned by Doris Day's former secretary. Had just purchased the one that just came out by Kaufman but really wanted to read one by a secretary who must have spent more time with her. Mary Ann's book is a real page-turner - what I like about it is that she was there with Doris Day on a day-to-day basis and I came away with an even greater love for Doris as I was able to see her as a real person, not just a movie queen. Long live Doris Day!

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