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September 13, 2007



Betty is just gorgeous, as is all of your work... I simply adore the color pallette you have used here. And thanks for the update, even with the busy schedule getting back into the swing of things... I understand how life gets in the way - we will always hang in there with you! :)


Well Mildred...welcome back! Holy buckets, girl. I still say you pull, "I'm goign to school with you" story that should shock his system into action.

Betty is a beauty, love the homage to weddings of that period.


YAY! Good to see some more of your work. Love Betty!

Your son is so lucky you have been keeping him focused. My daughter is a junior in high school and I'm afraid she is already struggling. I haven't been doing my part. So, I'll have to get on her case more. That should be fun!


Seriously big YEAH!!! I was gonna start bombarding you with emails if you didn't start posting soon. I was getting worried that all hell had broken loose. Glad to know you are just busy!!! Maybe Mr. Luke is just too smart compared to the others in his class and that is why he is bored. Maybe the teacher is going too slow for him. Hope things get better. Thanks for the info on CR, and I will be going over to check out her blog. Love the BEAUTIFUL new collage. Such pretty colors too!!! Totally you and so EXCEPTIONALLY LOVELY!!! Looking forward to more frequent postings (hint hint). HUGS!!!

Jennifer Paganelli

Good to have you back..promise you won't be gone that long next time...Jennifer


Time for the chicken to be let out of the coop, or whatever. I will NEVER say "Never" again! Having a blog is more fun than anything, but oh, how I wish I had high-speed Internet. Maybe for Christmas! "Betty" is fresh and lovely. I love this series. These portraits SAY something. Off to do Ellsworth's bidding...


yeah :-) betty is wonderful


Donna! You're back! I've missed you.

"Betty" is divine - of course!

Sorry to hear that school is a challenge - he's a lucky boy to have a mama like you to help!


Betty is Wonderful....I never found a magic potion or action that would cause my teenage son to focus, so if you happen to figure it out, be sure to post it.!


In my earlier comment I made mention of Betty's wedding bad. You see...when I try to talk like I know what I'm talking about the fact that I remain absolutley clueless comes through as a lighthouse in dense fog. Regardless of the occassion for her veiled hat, thingy she's stunning and beautiful. Most likely cooks in high hells don't you think?

Karin (creativechaos)

I love it!!!

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