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September 21, 2007



Did you eat a corndog????? That says fair to me!!!

OOOhhhh, those mounds of junk jewelery look fun!!!

But the big question I have for you is about the milinary flowers!!! Where do you get them? Are they vintage? I would think a company that makes reproduction flowers like that would be very popular!


What eye candy. I love finding old jewelry and vintage flowers also. It gives me such pleasure just thinking about how I will reinvent them.


Oh yes, the fair and Dads! Mine loved the rides and since I was an "only" for a long time, it was my lot in life to be dragged on every one of them with him. Horrified of the rollercoaster and still am to this day. He enjoyed it tho and I think that's what our fair days were all about.
You don't honestly think my mother was going to get on one?


Sounds like you had a terrific time at the fair!!! I love how you used the box to store the flowers. What a drool-worthy stash you have of flowers and jewelry. I can hardly wait to see the gorgeous things you will be creating with them!!! Great photos too!!


Fried oreos? (yuck). I like the fair too. LOVE both of these things though, the vintage flowers and the jewelry. Favorite things to be sure.


Oh and yes, I am the "cool" aunt cause I always have to be the one to ride the rides. LOL.

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