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September 15, 2007



HEY! I sent you a box of t-shirts! What about a shout out? For me to actually MAIL something is a feat, much like you actually mailing something to your friends and family.

I'm over it.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Wow!!! Lots of goodies! I love that sweet pin cushion... was laughing at the "dude it smells like old people". Definatly something my son would say! lol Heather


Oh my!!! Thanks for all the wonderful comments on your giftie! You received some really wonderful things, and the goodies from the estate sale are so cool!!! I can just picture all the great things you will be making with them!!! Too funny about Luke's comment!!!


What fun! Yay for estate sales and fun mail:) Wow, what a sale. I wish you would have been able to see the vintage Halloween stuff. How cool!!! Thanks for thinking of me:):)

Sweet Remembrance

I love the pin cushion...
so sweet! You got some great goods...


Wow, you scored the motherload!! That big thing that looks like a peach with a flower sprouting from the top is a pin cushion? That's so interesting...


dude... faboo old-smelling people shtuff!!!!!!


This is great info to know.

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