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September 26, 2007




thank you so much for joining us -

ready to dance?

xox - eb.


lovely dress!!! so fun to have met you at the ball - Im so tired & woozy from all the dancing and cocktails!


Very cool, Donna. Love it!!!

karla nathan

Nothing like some sparkles when you're all dressed up!


Oh, I think it's so elegant! So glad you made it to the ball. I must sit down for a moment, I've been dancing all night - will you join me for some refreshments though?

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Beautiful dress! I'm so glad you went to the ball, so that I could visit your wonderful blog. I will definitely come back!


Thanks for leaving the nice comment on my blog. I love your dress and I'm crazy about your boo sign. I didn't join that swap and now I'm wishing I had. I've been seeing some really cute stuff out there in blogland

Sandra Evertson

Beautiful, I Love all the teeny tiny pink flowers!
Sandra Evertson

Leslie M

What a lovely gown, and a lovely place you have here. I will be back to look around. I think I was especially drawn to the woman with the shotgun in your banner . . . thinking for my reason. Maybe because I have one too.

Donna O.

Well, if this is you stumbling, I'm impressed! And it's just us gals so no need to fuss about the make-up! You are fashionably late and gorgeous!!

carol m

Beautiful gown, all sparkly, I love that. Dance the night away.

Carol M


Lovely lovely,, the bodice is stunning!


Totally GORGEOUS!! Love the great rhinestone belt!!!

lauren you mean to say...the dress was going to be FANCIER than this??! that's kinda hard to imagine! certainly, it could NOT be any more beautiful!

(ps: i ADORE your collaged header, also!)


ok NOW i get the ballgown thing! LOL - sometimes we know i'm a little slow (advanced age you know) loving that beaded top! sparkly and gorgeous!

Natasha Burns

DONNA it's so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I love your work and this is no exception, just fantastic! LOVING that glittered bodice and the bling!!!

Michelle Cummings

I love that dress! Reminds me of playing with dolls


Your gown is beautiful Donna, and you looked ravishing last evening at the ball. Thought I only saw you from afar, still I could see how radiant you are.
Thank you for introducing yourself.
You left a beautiful message for my Mom, I thank you. You are lucky to have had such a wonderful Mom! We are blessed indeed!


Your dress is gorgeous! I love the top and all the jewels at the waist.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for all your positive comments. I love your blog, too....and I'll be back.

Karin (creativechaos)'s beautiful! I love it!!!


Hi! So nice to meet you! I love your gown, tres chic! :)...also absolutely wonderful spooky project pics above this post! Seems like there's never enough time to get everything done...

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