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  • In all object making, that aspect which relates to it's conceptual interpretation is art, that which relates the object to an intended purpose is design, and the quality of it's execution is craft. ~Hella Basu

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August 14, 2007



Those are really cool Mildred. I know how much you love "teeny tiny" things so I'm sure you were loving these itty bitty inchies. It was kind of weird to see you doing all green, but I'm sure there was a reason for it. My favorite is the top row second from left, cameo--very cool.


Can I just say they know what they are talking about at Creative Blogs??!! Glad to get here and when I did I had to rush to your etsy shoppe and view every collage you've sold. I love them all !! and your inchies are to shabby either.. LOL LindaSonia

Kimla Cotropia

These are so fab!! I love the variations of green and all your cool embellishments!!


EXCEPTIONAL (as always)!!! I is so amazing you you can put so much creativity into such a small space!!! LOVE THEM!!!


Oh cool......I've never seen the fabric ones, how fun is that? Love em! I'm still stuck in card mode, or I would try it. LOL.


Lovely combinations. How do you stop the fabrics from fraying?

kkarla nathan

Todays Creative Blog is the best! Congrats for being featured, you have wonderful things to see, she was right to send us here.

Donna O.

Thanks so much for the visit and kind word!! I'll definately come back often.
Donna-PS LOVE your banner!!!


Had to stop by and tell you I think your new banner is great! I'm working on mine this weekend and hope to have it up next week. Have to find just the right stuff ya know? Love the inchies and the green is very "cooling" which at 107 in Little Rock yesterday is just what we all need! Look at how many coments refered to the word cool in reference. Coinsidence? I think not.

Linda M

I've done paper inchies but not fabric ones. They are a lot of fun seeing how much you can squish into the space. Yours are wonderful!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

oooh, Thanks for mentioning both my blogs! And for calling me an artist! I feel!

I love those cool would those all look inside a shadow box?!

Lisa Renea

My eyes hurt just looking at these tee-niney bits of art. So fab & cute! Kudos to you!


They are so cute! I think my hands are too big for making something that tiny!! Love the new banner, and those wallpaper packs are gorgeous!! Keri


Wow, I love your blog, and green is my favorite color!!!!

Nancy Maxwell James

your inchies are just gorgeous! such a lovely shade of green too!

jessi nagy

those rock. at first glance.(early early in the morning) i thought they were sushi. ha ha. they look fab.
jessi nagy

Lisa Kaus

Green is my absolute fav color- great eye candy!


Man, these are amazing!!! I love doing inches but I find that they're almost more time consuming than cards or ATC's so I need to have the TIME to do them well. You seem to have mastered that "doing them well" part. Fabulous!!!

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