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July 02, 2007



MY GOODNESS!!! I do believe you have outdone yourself on this one!!! TOTALLY STUNNING!!! I surely can not wait to see all the gorgeousness you will be creating in this book!!! I also look forward to seeing the beautiful pages you will create in Tammy and Kari's books!!! Love your FAB glittery piece too!!!


When I first saw it I thought, "are those curtains" then as if I were staring at some magic eye poster--poof! It became this amazing portrait of Marie. It's wonderful. I really, love it.

Well done Mildred.


Oh my gosh...this is SOOOOOO cool! I cannot wait to see it in person. YAY!


now this looks like my kinda book - i like that it looks as if your hands were on it - which means your doodlings and handrwriting - not all perfect - its real and you. love them curtains! love them. (and see i always thought marie was quite cool cos anyone offering or talkin about cake is ok in my book :-)) can't wait to see more missy... try and stay cool


Love your mixture of fabric and paper. This dress is tres chic!


This is SO beautiful and I love everything about the layers and the embellishments. Is the floral a crepe or a fabric?

Thank you so much for your generous praises, I am truly humbled and so glad to have been able to get to know you personally and have so enjoyed the many talents that you have and have shared. XO


I too am just blown away! So my dear, is that fabric, an old hankie or what? Whatever, it is delish! LOVE the doodles. Very very devine.

Sue McG

Gorgeous page!! I'm reading a book about Marie Antoinette called 'Abundance' - you might want to check it out.

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