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July 24, 2007



don't they just look good enough to eat? positively wonderful.
and i think we should make it Playgirl k?


drool drool drool...wipe away so I don't get the lushious wallpaper wet...Oh the projects I could create with this loveliness!!! Please tell your stories...can't wait to hear them...they are so much more interesting than my day to day stuff!!!

Lisa Renea

Donna, I see now, why your addicted to the wallpaper-so lovely and unique patterns. WOW!

karin (creativechaos)

Donna!!!! It's soooo beautiful! I'm up in LA at my friend's house right let me peruse through the pictures and I'll let you know! Karin

Lisa Renea

Hey Donna, got your email, so I wanted to come back do the url thing and also-i so forgot to mention--i love your stories! This is the reason why I come to you blog! I swannee, girlie, the wallpaper is cool--the collages are amazing!!!..but the stories are right up my alley! (double checked that, I nearly typed allie-lmao) I'm a story gal myself, but heaven help me, you know i got bad grammer skills & no one could "hear them", kwim?? xo lr ps. maybe your next collage could be "got grammer"? HA!!!

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