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July 17, 2007



Gorgeous collage, I love the colors and the retro sewing pattern images, brings back awesome memories from my childhood! I wouldn't be able to give up the window box either... well, until that electric bill came, then I'm sure hubby would be the first to yank it straight out! Enjoy it til the month is up! ;)


let' see: pink, glitter, ball fringe and flowers all in one lovely collage? i LOVE it!


It looks lovely! Loving the glitter!

Karin (creativechaos)

Oooohhhh...I just love it!


reruns are wonderful (where would you be without Andy & Barney? i ask you :-))
this is lovely - but it really doesnt seem like a rerun to me. entirely new and beautiful!


Hmmm...I agree with Tracy...doesn't seem like a rerun to me either! Love the pretty glittered leaves, and I like the flower trim on top of the ppom-pom sweet and feminine. I'm thinking you need some more chipboard swirls too!!


I know that it feels like a rerun to you - but I just adore this piece - so pretty, Donna!


I love this one too and the nice extra touches you've added however I still love mine best! :)


It doesn't look like a rerun to me. It is so beautiful. I love everything about it.

jenny holiday

Gorgeous!!! Love it to bits!! And I don't even sew!!! ( I wish!!)

Just beeeyond "pretty"! :)

xoxo Jenny

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