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July 20, 2007



Your friend William sounds like my friend Bryon. Always a comment. Supportive in a backhanded way...HMMM


william is awesome
and so is that flocked paper!


LOVE that first wallpaper!!

*YOU* will appreciate this story: Santa. Christmas 2006. 2 boys, 10 and 13. Two brand new wireless guitars, one brand new MUCH anticipated Guitar Hero 2, two huge red bows. 7am, on the 25th, the bows go flying, NEITHER....guitar...WORKS. And what do you do with a Guitar Hero CD and two unusable guitars on Christmas Day when **NO** stores are open, and that was the "big" Santa present?

Give the hubby really dirty looks alllllll day long, for not testing them out for the entire month of December when they were sitting in the closet, thats what. ARGH! ;) Luckily, it was his idea to buy them, so it was HIS fault, and not mine, but the boys were CRUSHED for 24 hours, none the less, staring at the pictures on the CD box and humming the tunes all day.... they had waited so long for that game, haha...


Oh what fun that game must be!!! Lovin the yummy wallpapers too!!!


These ARE unusual. Really cool!


Here I am THE back up ebay purchaser for all of this "yummy" paper she's been collecting and what thanks do I get? Never even a token entrance into one of her drawings, not ONE visit to my blog for a quick glance and snide comment,'s the cherry--I'm a stalker! A stalker for God's sake. Blogs are meant to be visited and read--I know you will be talking about wallpaper, birds, everything else but I STILL VISIT!!! THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS DO!!!! SHESH!

jenny holiday

Wow ..these are just fantastic!! Super sweet!! What a find!!!! LOVE them!

So do you tie on a bandana or wear fingerless gloves while playing GH?? Ohh boy!!! :)


xoxo Jenny

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