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July 28, 2007



This is such a wonderful idea!!! I LOVE the cover and hope to see some of the inside pages too!! I think this will be a most exceptional inspiring and lovely to look at!!!

Lisa Renea

I love this journal, i'm a sucker for anything with pompom trim! I can't wait to see what your next move is! You continue to ispire me!


1. Love the journal. Is that little bird a german scrap? So cute.

2. So exciting about your project! How cool is that. Please do, keep us informed. It sounds like a wonderful thing to be engrossed in.

Loved the writing about your Mom's hands.


Very cool Mildred. That's one lucky lady to get a book from you custom made from your heart to her's. I don't think I've ever seen my mother wear nail polish...? She's just not a nil polish mom. Usually just clear coat stuff, does that count?


ah. its wonderful. and i kinda like menu myself. and that little birdie so sweet. as far as wallpaper and things old and your work - it was meant to be you know. your things with these elements is unmatched and its obvious it gets you where you live :-)
and i love hearing you talk about your mother - it touches my heart.


Donna, you know that I'm no "red" girl but even I, pink lover that I am, find this GORGEOUS journal of yours irresistable! So, so sweet - love it!


I allways have a art journal these days, I like to alter books so it's not a problem to find one! :-)

your cover is just beautiful!

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