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June 28, 2007



Ah yes....been there...A LOT!!
Lovin' this collage. Can't wait to see the end result.


Oh this is so lovely and the bird-just perfect and I really love the black fringed bottom. I look forward to seeing the finished piece!

I remember too sitting in huge water puddles in the valleys of grass in our yard in my little red polk a dot bathing suit. Some of them were chin deep! So fun, I would be tempted to go frolic in them again too!


LOVE the collage!!! TOTALLY WONDERFUL (as always). Cool bird!!! AHHH, to be a kid and run in the ran. Fun stuff. WOW, your Grandma had her own dark room. LOVE THAT!!!


Ah yes, the pleasures of outdoor, muddy, rainy-day play are the kind most enjoyed in childhood and less likely to delight as an adult. But I think the best long-term benefit of playing outside in the rain is growing up to be unafraid of a rainy day -- we like to hike or spend a day in Disney World or do whatever it was we were planning to do, undeterred by the rain (especially since it scares away so many other people!).


is luke ok? thats all i kept thinking while i read the rest of the post - i guess so huh? LOL i am reading these out of order so its interesting to see what you ended up doing with the pink scallop - i like the penwork :-)

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