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June 25, 2007



it is SOOO beautiful.

vintage flair

WOW....What a pretty book. I look forward to seeing your book when you get it back.


Absolutely Stunning!!! I love the pretty papers and the glittery frame. Can't wait to see some pages...I can only images how lovely they will be!!!


What a lovely rescue for an old falling-apart book! Those cute birdies remind me of some Denison stickers (the kind you had to lick) that my Gramma used to get :)


oh i'm likin this - love the pom-poms!


Oh my goodness...I LOVE this!!! Can't wait to play in it! Yippie:)


Can't wait to see the inside of it, the outside is looking great, love all of the blue accents!


Love those sweet little blue-birds. I have a blue-bird thing. LOL.

Lisa Renea

Donna--just wanted to shout out to you how great your blog is! It's such a fun and inspiring read. I love bluebirds (you rarely see them, here) This book is simply adorable!! keep the fab creations coming!!

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