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  • In all object making, that aspect which relates to it's conceptual interpretation is art, that which relates the object to an intended purpose is design, and the quality of it's execution is craft. ~Hella Basu

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June 26, 2007


Karin (creativechaos)

Donna I love them! The little bird notecards are so cute. Hey....You would be soooo proud of me. The crown I made for Natasha for the swap is all out of the wallpaper. Not copies.....but the real thing. I've been doing some boxes and such. It's I don't even want to use copies! Talk to you soon!


gorgeous Gorgeous!


I just recently found your blog and I love your creativity! Thanks for the inspiration!


Just lovin anything that you do that is flocked. My gosh, those are gorgeous!


Just found your blog and saved it to my favorites! Your work is lovely. Thanks for the inspiration!


I LOVE the cute little comp books, and the red flocked are BEAUTIFUL too!!! I think these are gonna sell FAST!!!


Wall paper who would'nt want to enter. Love all you do, so creative. Please keep it up.Thanks for sharing.


Just love those composition books, especially the collaged ones. You have such great style.


Well you've certainly been busy -- and lots of beautiful things to show for it! I hope your summer is off to a wonderful start; I'm having fun catching up on all your posts....

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