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June 24, 2007



But of course you MUST add my name to the list. AND if I can keep anyone else from commenting, it will be all MINE!!! he he he (she says with a devilish laugh)!!!


crack me up.... pretend i didnt post ROTFLOLPIMP BARBARA!


Hee hee Barbara- I'm giving you a run for your comment. I love little bits and pieces :D


Hee hee Barbara- I'm giving you a run for your comment. I love little bits and pieces :D


While I have absolutly no idea on earth what you are talking about (pack 1 pack 3 pack 2--you sank my battleship!) I did want to post so you would go into a rant about how, "you will NEVER get ths" blah, blah, blah!

Hope I win.

BTW: I was at your Target (the one on Memorial and Penn) tonight and saw some really cool chipboard picture frames in the Dollar spot. they had some vintage looking screen printing on them, but I just know you could work your magic on them. anyone else seen these frames at their Target?


Oh, I'm always up for a drawing - so nice of you to share the wallpaper love!


You are one talented woman! I love your art!


Oh, me, me, me! I have wallpaper envy.


I can never find the really pretty papers so I must win-that's just all there is to it!


I'm always looking for more cool paper! Count me in!


Are you saying that one can have too much wallpaper? I'm no where near that close! :)


All your etsy goodies look fabulous, darling. Your such a sneak with your wallpaper bundles. I'm sure they're fabulous!! Count me in:)


Throw my name in the pot too!


Put my name in the drawing. I NEED more scraps at my house. lol...


Ohh count me in and please make more of the blue gold versions, I am so bummed I got there to late. Darn it!


Pick me, pick me! :)


Count me in, you know my addiction! Oh and if Will does win, send me his lot please! :)


please count me in, I received my order from you last week and they are wonderful!!!!!!!

Thank you :)


what yummy papers. i would be tickled pink ( my favorite color) to win them.


This just prejudice! How do you know I would waste it? Maybe I am a mixed media artist and just don't know it because I'm stiffled by people like YOU!

You certainly could have saved a lot of reading by just saying, "new wallpaper."

I would start a grass roots movement to get my name in that hat, but all of my would be supporters are salivating and coveting the prize so I would get no support. Tracy, if you are out there you'll support me won't you?


ooo, ooo, ooo...that is me in the back of the room jumping and raising my hand hoping to be picked.

I thought I did this already, but apparently the test for preventing 'automated robots' from posting was too much for me. (hee)

I love the paper in the pics!!

Renee' D. / Olympia, WA

Yah Yah! Luv the WP !! Count me in !

Alisa Logue

So generous of you. Would love that yummy goodness. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration. -Alisa


gee i think will could use those papers - i'm thinkin he has a teensy project he could wrap these papers around. ;-)


Whooo hooo I would love some of the extra you have! Count me in. :)

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