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June 21, 2007



I don't think it's too much at all! It's awesome. Did you stick someting in the hole where the candle goes? The pink and glass glitter top?


ohhhwee, now that is COOL!!! I tried to respond to your last email saying that I hoped you would post this (but stupid Bellsouth was not cooperating with me so it did not get sent). I am so glad you did!! BE-U-TI-FULLLL!! Love the cute cute millinery flowers and the exquisite beadwork. Oh, and that glitter is so perfectly applied. JUST STUNNING!!! I'm thinkin there is just about nuthin you can't alter into something GORGEOUS!!!

Linda M

Wow! A lot of great bling bling on this. I can tell you had so much fun!!


when you said candlesticks i had an entirely different thing in mind. where does the candle go? or have you altered out the candleholder part? whatever - cool glitteriness. and that beading is amazing - you are wire-woman extraordinaire


This is pretty darn cool- I bet you have glitter on your face every single day! ;)

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