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May 21, 2007



I just found your blog through Etsy - you've made so many nice things.
Your wallpaper is so pretty - definitely count me in for the drawing!

michelle infantino

great selection there. i'm off to check them out.


Wow....your wallpaper looks soooo yummy!!!!! So excited for you to have an etsy shop. YAY!


THIS IS DISCRIMINATION PLAIN AND SIMPLE. I might like to make something for you..but you can forget it now! I wouldn't make you something if I had the time, talent, energy, creativity, or inclination to do so. So there. Come on Mildred, count me in.


ME ME ME!!! I want to be included in the drawing!!! Now off to Etsy...


Hi donna...loving all the wallpaper. I have to go and check out your etsy shop now. :)


HI there stranger! The wallpaper is gorgeous! I will go take a look. Just wanted to say hey and that i have missed ya! Kerilou

Amy G.

Oh my goodness, beautiful blog and gorgeous wallpaper! I found you through Artsy Mama's site. Thank you for sharing your wonderful inspiration! Amy


I just found your blog and what a wonderful one it is. Thanks for adding me to your drawing for the wallpaper...something that I have just recently fallen in love with but haven't used any yet in a project !!!


the packs look SO lovely!


Wow! I just found your blog thanks to ArtsyMama. I am always happy to find a new blog to inspire me! And I love vintage wallpaper, so please enter me in your drawing.


Hi! I found your blog through Artsy Mama, too. Just in time it looks like. Lots of comments but I want to be in on the drawing, too. I've been shopping locally for vintage wallpapers but have only found very plain ones.

Karin (creativechaos)

Please include me in your drawing. I would love to win a packet!! Karin


awesome talent, i have just started and i am really ''green'', thanks for giving us all a chance.. i shuld be so lucky.. have a good weekend

jennifer Paganellli

thanks for visiting now I see one busy that girl collage you rock okay lets just say that!! lol Jennifer

vintage flair

I have to say you blog is wonderful! It is full of inspiration. I would love to be added for the drawing

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