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  • In all object making, that aspect which relates to it's conceptual interpretation is art, that which relates the object to an intended purpose is design, and the quality of it's execution is craft. ~Hella Basu

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May 24, 2007



wow... gorgeous flower topping off gor-jus tag. wonderful miss

Connie Senyitko

I just discovered your blog...I love it!! Your collages are beautiful! Have a great weekend!


Hello!! I found you via Artsymama's blog and I love your blog! Your artwork is beautiful and creative! Love your etsy shop too!
I'll be sure to check back often!
~Cerri xoxo

Karin (creativechaos)

Oh my gosh!! I found you through kari and I'm so glad I clicked the link.....I love your work. Just beautiful. I will be back to visit often! Karin


Oooohhh scrumptious! Just found your yummy blog through Kari/Artsymama, and I will be a frequent visitor! Lovely work, beautiful.


I had wonderful post earlier, but stupid #@%* Typepad was not cooperating. ANYHOO>>> OMG, I LOVE your COLLAGE!!! Great quote, uber-cool selection of wallpaper and trims. SUPER quote, and ohhhh the glitter accents...spectular. Another lovely if I do say so...makes me want to go out and hostess something you are a part of!!!


You know, if I could spell, I'd be dangerous. SPECTACULAR is what I meant. DUHHH.


Shoot - I should have signed up for that swap!
I LOVE your tag - the quote, the wallpaper, the pompom, the old handwritingm the bird - it's all just fabulous!


You're such a sweetheart! This tag is gorgeous. Love that pink rosette. So lovely!!!!

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