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May 18, 2007



Oooh...the wallpaper looks fabulous!!! I saw the third one down at an estate sale today...actually on the walls! It's gorgeous! I asked if they had any scraps, but no luck!
Have a great weekend


holy crap - i'm drooling over those wallpapers - so gorgeous. and i didnt have a yearbook in middle school - i didnt go to middleschool lol (1st-8th grade kinda school) but in high school - ahhhhh yes... those had alll kinds of things written all over 'em - great stuff. and i also think its sad no one writes letters anymore. i love my email but letters were just wonderful... kept me going all thru college thats for sure


My heart is racing that the thought of those packs!!! YUMMY TO THE MAX!!! Love all the lovely patterns you have there!!! So, as far as the yearbooks, I think you have to remember that boys are different than girls. Girls will more often write long lovely things, especially as they get older and they realize they are not going to see their friends as often. But I think most boys at this age don't often write so much. If there are more boys signing his yearbook, then there are probably just signatures, or a few words.

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