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April 17, 2007



well its just the most lovely nest any bird has ever seen. bejeweled and glittered and wallpapered. they look sooooo perfect sitting in there - as if it had always been their home.
how do you think of these things? i love it miss


INCREDIBLE, FANTASTICALLY BEAUTIFUL, and JAW DROPPIN GORGEOUS!! I love all the perfect little accents with the glitter, vintage flowers, and what is that I see...some of that MEGA-WONDERFUL wallpaper you were lusting after with the red flocking??? I hate to ask how you "acquired" it. Hope no one got hurt in the process cuz I know how much you wanted it!!! OR was it a birthday giftie for you??? This is MAGNIFIQUE!!!! Oh, and I have been meaning to ask are you attaching the wallpaper to the wood? I have a project in the works (it is in my head and I have the supplies, but not actually started) that I want to attach the VW to wood, but want to make sure it will not wrinkle. Do tell, what is the best adhesive??? HUGS!


Well, well, well i'm impressed with you posting and even more impressed with your cute little clock. I know all of these lovely findings are so happy to be living under the red roof and being resurrected into something lovely. They now live their lives will fulfillment and satisfaction, knowing that they are now beautiful and lovely.


OMG Donna- this knocked me off my chair!!! You know I have a soft spot for birdies- this is fantastic!!!! Your attention to all the little details is amazing- you rock!

Sue McG

OMG I LOVE IT!!!! You need to submit for pub with this one Donna, it's just totally GAWJUS!!


This is sooooo cool! What a fabulously creative idea:) I love it!!!


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