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March 01, 2007



i cannot wait to see what you're doing with these ... i will stay tuned :-)


Oh BOY! I can't wait to see how they turn out. Looks like a fun project. Oh, and BTW, I see that you have that lovely French General book. Dontcha just LOVE it!!! I want my house to look like that...and all the little bits and bobs just make me swoon!!! Oh, and I am thinking I would love some of those mega-expensive sheets so I can get a good nights sleep (but I probably would not sleep well knowing I had to tell husband how much I paid for a king size set. YIKES).


Mildred...come clean now--you have been neck deep in e-bay! Your cabinet doors will be incredible, everything you touch is always incredible. You should post pictures of the tissue paper Ark we made for VBS, that was cool! Chicken wire and tissue paper, i still twitch when I think about it.


Barbara.....yes, I love the book. It's so lovely. I wish I could make my life that lovely. Do you have Where Women Create? I like it even better I think.
Will....I need to scare up those pictures. That ark was truly amazing. The credit for it really goes to our two spouses though. You and I are the masters of looking busy when we're actually doing absolutlely nothing...aren't we???

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