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March 21, 2007



omigosh i love this album - just makes me want to cry - what a wonderful family - so much love you can see it in the pictures and the beautiful way you put it together. you must make more and tell those wonderful stories for your boys


I never tire of that album and don't tire of the stories of your childhood. I must admit that I do get jealous of your childhood. All of the momentos and beautiful memories. What other mother had Taco Night with newspaper tablecloth? I have felt like I know these fine folks woven into the fabric of your life as if I were right there the whole time.


One more thing. You are hereby and forever more OUT on chauding me for a long post!


Love the pages, stories, and photos!!! You need to get back to scrapping your other photos!! What a treasure these are!


You are so good at not let yourself be intimidated!! This is a gorgeous album! No two people have the same style, each person has their own personal touches, you are keeping this talent untapped, and it is a crime!! Get to work, chickie!! Keri

Christa H.

Well you sure have been busy! My word! Everything is so charming- what a fantastic scrapbook..your family sounds very special- you're a very blessed woman

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