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March 23, 2007



those are beautiful. I love that wallpaper. Are the flowers vintage as well? Really cool. People can be persuaded to sell anything Mildred. it just has to do with the price. I've got it! Walk into the store and hand them a note with your "bid." Consider it live ebay!!


well aren't those the prettiest sparkliest things? and you decorated the inside but you're not showing it? egad woman - its red toile - you know i'd wanna see.. go back and get me a picture. what are the cute little red poofs?
i like will's comparison - live ebay lol


i forgot - is that wallpaper they are sitting on? ooooooomiiigosh. thats gorgeous!


No Tracy...they come with the red toile in them. Just lovely paper mache eggs. Good quality. The "red poofs" are buttons with the shanks cut off of them and glued to only the top of the egg so the egg still opens and, yes, they are photographed on wallpaper. This particular wallpaper had never been taken out of the box from back in the 60s or 70s...whenever it was made. Still sealed.


These are EXCEPTIONALLY LOVELY!!! Love the pretty sparkly glitter against the red velvet. YUMMY!

Christa H.

very pretty and dainty....oh and glittery LOL

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