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March 09, 2007



now isnt that just stinkin lovely? lol.. wow miss its really beautiful.. love everything about it. the colors, the paper, little spoolies with bingo thingies (thats what i'm seein right?) and that gor-jus fleur. i'm in love with it all

Christa H.

very cool + pretty...are those pieces of tinker toys? I think I had some kind of building game/doo dad as a kid and it had those wooden things in the kit- can't remember though...


Well, well Mildred. As we chat on the phone and you weave in and out of our conversation to "work" I wonder what it is you are creating. This must be one of those things. It's very pretty. The bingo pieces, love, vintage playing card, love, vintage paper, love, vintage bobin, love, I suppose the ribbon is vintage as well. The flower is crepe paper, right?
The only bad thing about this piece is that it will fuel your addiction to ebay which is bad because there is no 12 step program or pill to take for that. Maybe a patch. Check ebay and see what they have :)


This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love all the wonderful vintage lovlies you used!!! So, did you win the wallpaper you had your eye on???

michelle infantino

I'm really enjoying your blog---have totally neglected mine cuz I'm too busy nibbin' in on others. Love this frame. You are a natural with these vintage diddies.

michelle infantino

before I forget---

do you use the Ailene's tacky glue to adhere your glass glitter?

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