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February 16, 2007



Wow!! I get to be the first to leave a comment!!!! I love your blog, and your collage banner is wonderful! Exactly what I would have expected you to do. I'm looking forward to checking in on your life often.



YEAH!!! I am so glad you hopped on the blog-bandwagon!!! Love the tag. It is surely very Tracy! So, now the million dollar question...who the heck is in that photo??? :0)


This is beautiful. The collage is stunning. Congratulations on being her in blogland. This is a good skin you have chosen for yourself. Just don't get tired of it and throw it to the dogs. You know how I hate change. Now, all I need to do is get something I like to do and put some pictures on my blog.

Well done.


Welcome sweetie! :-) the blog banner - AWESOME with a capital A (and everybody knows i dont go throwin that word around on un-awesome things like the rest of the world) I believe the couple in the picture is your parents correct Mildred?:-) As i've just finished vacumming my home i will attest to the powers a good vacuuming can have on ones mind. A lot of good thinking going on to the hum of the Hoover. Akin to the thinking one does whilst cleaning the sink or the toilet - a little elbow grease seems to do some wonderous things. Finally - the tag. I do feel ever so honored to have the tag you gave me as your first creation you posted (aside from the lovely banner ;-)) It comes up beautifully btw, and is even more gorgeous when you can have it to look at up close with its many textures (including the faboo glitter) - its the whiffenpoofiest thing i own.

Annie Banannie

Hellooooo Dearest Donna.
I am so glad that you got your blog up and look forward to seeing many more of your fabulous creation. You have done an outstanding job.

Sue McG

Welcome to Blogdom Donna, what a great start you've made!! Love the tag, and the word 'whiffenpoof' is certainly worth airing here and there. Bravo!


Gorgeous blog banner Donna- you do the best work. Tracy's tag is marvelous :)


OMG- do you know how long it took me to leave that tiny little comment? I can't seem to the the little number/letter verification! I need to review my ABCs now...

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