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February 22, 2007



I have served ONE TOO MANY times as the proxy Ebay ambassador for my addicted friend. It is a problem, but there are things that are worse I suppose. The horror is that you live your life through dial-up! Had you the power of high-speed then I can't imagine what life for you would be like.



Lisa Renea

Donna, Great start on the blog!
A fun read!


Hi Donna. My name is Barbara and I feel your pain. Just yesterday I had to stay late at work. Not because I was involved in a deep and troublesome problem, not because I was on a conference, because an auction was ending and at less that 1 minute to go, I decided I REALLY DID need those pretty vintage millenary leaves. Just think how pretty they would have looked with that GORGEOUS wall paper! I am ALWAYS putting stuff in my watch area. In fact, I think I have a few things ending tomorrow that I really need to check on!!! Oh yes, and my heart skipped a beat yesterday when I saw something go up that I had been looking for. Now if some dreaded person doesn't bump up the price to some ridiculous amount, I could be the owner of yet another love item!!!

Christa H.

I have a confession.
I don't visit ebay!
So you think I am weird? LOL


Just checking out some of your older posts - and you are so right! Ebay really is a psychological thing!!! I so put my hand up on this one LOL!!! Really great post!!

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